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In a few hours prior to this post Earth Hour will take place in my area. I was an advocate of this to my family a few years ago, right now its just being ridiculous. We have an ongoing energy crisis, electricity, oil, water, practically anything is plaguing the Earth right now. Back then Earth […]

You wake up in the morning, thinking of stuff to write about why? you need to up your post count and view count, traffic for that sweet taste of revenue. You like to write, you like the attention, you like being able to share your thoughts, write your emotions be able to express yourself. You […]

It’s been a while since my last Manga Spotlight. Been busy lately and haven’t found an awesome manga to recommend to any of you faithful readers. So without further adieu this is Break Blade. Everyone has his or her own destiny in life, sometimes we are all bound with restrictions, we have been set limits […]

We’ve all taken management classes in College well, depending on your degree is the level of management. I was at a small company before my big break, here’s some of the things I’ve learned hands on. I’ll keep everything anonymous so no one can sue my (not so) broke-ass. A kid looking for experience, wanted […]

I woke up hella early trying to get an HD feed of “The Event”, I did and I was watching among the other million boxing fans an expected great fight on a grand stage Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas. Pacquiao is the top fighter, Clottey took out and fought beasts we all expected a good […]

the hurt locker


I watched the Hurt Locker after all the hype the Oscars gave it. I was blown the hell away. I got to say it’s the best Iraqi War Based movie I’ve seen so far. The realism is as accurate as far as I know of, I’m no Ranger nor a real EOD but I really […]

Not to be a complete asshole, my sympathies go out to the Chileans that were caught up in the global tragedy. On to what I’m here for, we are all aware that Chile got hit with a uber mega 8.8 magnitude earthquake. That quake was so powerful that it shifted the earth’s axis and shifted […]