Why Social Media can be a bad thing


I’ve worked for ad agencies, and have been a part of an in house marketing team. Social Media is a simple way to advertise your brand to the right consumers, cheaper than t.v. commercials and way more effective than radio ads. It gets users engaged with the brands they know and love, it’s a advertiser’s gold mine.

With that being said, social media is a toxic environment to the individual. It’s nothing but “one upping” your entire network and in worst cases, you lose productivity. I know the in and outs of the business and frankly I’m no saint, I’ve done everything I’m about to write against in this post. 

I’ve started out with twitter and facebook and I can say that twitter is pretty much the same back in 2007, but facebook has changed completely. I tend to keep my shit private for a good reason but the things I’ve witnessed and seen are the reason I can conclude the unhealthiness of social media. 

Social Networks are made to keep in contact with friends and colleagues for the most part, a lot of times it’s to keep in touch with people you hardly call or hangout with like an old co-worker or that classmate you’ve connected with once in English class. So in theory this is a really good thing right? Yes it is, remember that Facebook’s original purpose was a harvard database of students, a network and one thing I’ve learned during my young web programming career is that networks matter especially on LinkedIn.

However, in the case of Facebook everything has blown out of proportion. People have that tendency of bragging, attention seeking and trolling. For the most part, this has a negative effect on the human psyche, people use these networks for all the wrong reasons.

In the case of bragging, of course you all have friends that like posting pictures of what they had for lunch, or that they drink at a hipster coffee shop, or the new kind of expensive things they’ve bought (guilty).

I believe this is instagram in a nutshell, opposed to sharing art or really fancy looking shit, they result in a daily picture of what they had for lunch, that photo op they had with friends or countless pictures of their kid. I have no problem with this, except people do it way too much, too much to the point that I start unfollowing them or their posts. Here I am on Instagram being bombarded by someone’s kid or that fried egg this girl cooked instead of looking at cool artsy photos my homie took. It’s because people have that tendency of trying to ‘one-up’ each other. It’s a constant photo-op showcasing how wonderful their lives are, or for that girl that cooked a fried egg, telling the world that she can cook. I’m happy that you got a new Macbook, I’m happy that you had an awesome lunch, I’m happy that you are trying to lose weight, I get it and I’m happy for all of you, but sometimes all that sharing is way too much, you can try and keep something special and private for yourselves. People are so busy with keeping their online personas cool that they forget to live their lives offline.


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