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Running for office is a big responsibility. We need leaders who care for the community. Leaders that have a strong presence and a good heart. We need captains, chairpersons and kagawads in our barangays that can make a difference, people who fight against poverty, people who fight for the community. We keep saying we want […]

MY RANT: *deep breath, CAPS LOCK ON!* Seriously Philippines!? WHY!? WHY THE FUCK!? It come’s to show you that this country DOES NOT DESERVE DEMOCRACY. I support Gordon, I would also like Gibo to lead this country. Then I see Noynoy Aquino on top with a landslide lead and Joseph Estrada in second!? How incompetent […]

Filipinos have that “bandwagon mentality”. We rely mostly on fads to keep us going, we are an advertiser’s gold mine! Just make one Pinoy believe one awesome lie and let the “chismis” do the rest. That’s why we have such a fucked up society. We’d rather watch the “Showbiz Rumor” section of the news than […]

We live in a world of social status, what we do and how we do things can affect what kind of persona we embody. Your hangouts, your transportation, the way you talk, the clothes you were, the manner of your text messages everything affect your social structure. From status to what peer group you belong […]

In a few hours prior to this post Earth Hour will take place in my area. I was an advocate of this to my family a few years ago, right now its just being ridiculous. We have an ongoing energy crisis, electricity, oil, water, practically anything is plaguing the Earth right now. Back then Earth […]

lets keep the humming to a minimum shall we? i write about the elections

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November is a time for holiday-themed houses, holiday movies, Undas, Bonifacio Day, and Christmas shopping however, not many people know that November is actually a special month. On October 8, 2008 Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued Proclamation No. 1638, declaring that November as the National Consciousness Month for Punctuality and Civility as advised by the Organized […]