as a reminder


this blog doesn’t have any followers, nor any readers. this is merely my place online to store thoughts. to remind myself who i was, who i was trying to become, until all the realities came crashing down. this is me. this is who i am inside. something i’ve never shown anyone or have ever come to terms with.

I’ve a different individual among friends and family, cheerful and loving. yet, I’ve been broken. I’ve been crying for help where no one has ever heard. But I’ve been strong, I have to be a rock. I have to be unafraid.

I’ve been doing everything alone, independent from anybody for so long that I’ve forgot how it felt to have support and love.

I keep this little corner of the web up. for people who manage to stumble upon it. I want this to be one thing I can leave behind, one thing I know that will always be the genuine me. I don’t know you reader, but I assure you if you stick around. You can know me.

I wasn’t always this broken, this lost. it’s just somehow, all the love I had withered away, all my ambition trapped, all my confidence in people….gone.

But, you know what reader? I know i can get through this. I know I’ll once again redeem myself. One day I’ll post all the cool things I have done, I’ll share that with all of you. I’ve been through a lot reader, I won’t deny the success I’ve accomplished. Alone. Imagine what I can do with support.

I don’t want to pour my heart, my soul, my effort and my passion out for the whole world to see and then see it be crushed and rejected again. This is why I’ve found solace in solitude for all these years….

I don’t want anybody to see me cry again. But I feel that even a broken soul like mine deserves happiness…


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