Manga Spotlight: Break Blade


It’s been a while since my last Manga Spotlight. Been busy lately and haven’t found an awesome manga to recommend to any of you faithful readers. So without further adieu this is Break Blade.

Everyone has his or her own destiny in life, sometimes we are all bound with restrictions, we have been set limits that only we can achieve. This is that kind of story. In a world where everyone has inherent magical powers people use the material quartz to operate machinery, move vehicles and do all sorts of things.Of course if you can use magic you can use quartz. However, one out of 1 million people are born without such gifts, these are the un-sorcerers. Our protagonists Rygart Arrow (as expected) cannot use magic therefore making his life pretty hard on him. However an unexpected turn of events gave him the opportunity to defy who he is and carve his own destiny.

I won’t go into it further because of key plot points. But this is a sci-fi/mecha/adventure kind of manga. Friendships that are tested, hardships to come by and people to protect.

It’s your basic shonen manga arch type, but I find it humble and stoic at best. You can feel the pressure and the bonds between friends and enemies, the ugliness of war and the kind heartedness of humanity.

A definite read.


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