When you stare blankly at a white screen


You wake up in the morning, thinking of stuff to write about why? you need to up your post count and view count, traffic for that sweet taste of revenue. You like to write, you like the attention, you like being able to share your thoughts, write your emotions be able to express yourself. You feel awesome when you write about politics, you think ,” FUCK THEM! ITS MY BLOG LET THEM HATE ALL THEY WANT!”. You pump out some inspirational music, sound tripping as you write your desired post.

You find articles to keep your motivation up, they give you ideas, mix and mash your ideas with theirs, give credit when it is due.

You find friends to link to your blog, followers and people on your Facebook friend list. You stare at a blank screen and start typing ,” When you stare blankly at a white screen” as a title….

you my friend are bored.


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