some things I’ve learned with management


We’ve all taken management classes in College well, depending on your degree is the level of management. I was at a small company before my big break, here’s some of the things I’ve learned hands on. I’ll keep everything anonymous so no one can sue my (not so) broke-ass.

A kid looking for experience, wanted to start from the bottom and climb up the corporate food chain. Here’s my assessment.

  • Your employees are your best friends

Think of your employees as gas, your engine (company) can’t run without it. Unlike gas where you just pump in and let it rip employees have mood swings. Take note that majority of these people make a living with you, they need the cash for bills and or food or kid tuition. Employees with low morale won’t listen to strict orders and would slack around. Motivation is a driving force of the company, with proper team work yours can prosper in no time. I know this is an overall pipe dream but just think of it as Happy Employees = BETTER SERVICE. You can’t expect your people to be perfect unless you are a perfect example right?

  • Job Descriptions

Let’s face the truth here, the 4th floor custodian can’t answer calls regarding clients. The network admin cannot be in the HR department laying off people. You are assigned specific tasks, may it be driving around delivering goods or making client presentations. Stick to it! You’ll only make things confusing.

  • Salaries

Some few companies suffer this one problem of not paying salaries on time. Always remember that small salaries are awesome if paid on-time at least the brother knows he’s getting paid. The moment you fail to pay the man what he’s earned you are automatically indebted to him.

  • Operating Costs

You got to leave an ample amount of cash for operations, especially when there’s an unexpected occurrence that your machinery breaks down. The gas, water, electricity used to power your whole operations you have to make sure that things work for your business to grow. Don’t be a cheapass douche, I know you’re trying to save money but still, A shiny new forklift is 100 time better than a beat up junked one.

  • Give em’ what they need!

A network admin can’t work properly without a router or even his own PC right? Same goes for marketing staff they can’t go out on client meetings using personal accounts. Give your employees what they need to get the job done.

  • Invest in development

Always find improvements for your companies, like better operations equipment an awesome office environment or that new tech for your industry, you’ll be surprised how motivated your employees will be when they notice that you care.

  • Obey the LAW

You! aren’t the Law. YOU! aren’t Judge Dredd! Judge Dredd is THE LAW and YOU! aren’t. Simple as that, do things legally, you see that your possibilities are endless do things illegally the feds would be up in your ass in no time. That’s pretty much a no-brainer.

Good luck in the corporate world!!


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