earth hour 2010 please read


In a few hours prior to this post Earth Hour will take place in my area. I was an advocate of this to my family a few years ago, right now its just being ridiculous.

We have an ongoing energy crisis, electricity, oil, water, practically anything is plaguing the Earth right now. Back then Earth Hour was the bomb, it was respected and people listened. After a few years it feels like no one listens to what “Earth Hour” is about, people turn their lights off for one hour and then shut up for the next 8,759.

You get the world to listen to you for one hour yet you see the same people who participated waste energy the next day. Sorry guys, I know how admirable you think Earth Hour is but turning off your lights for one hour every year is bullshit. If you really do care about the Earth you’d realize that there are bigger problems and better solutions than turning your lights off an hour every year on a specific date.

Here’s a brief background check Earth Hour started in Sydney, Australia it’s primary choice of fuel is coal since more than 80% of its turbines that produce their electricity is powered by coal steam. That’s why their greenhouse gases are off the charts! It’s a message to send out to people about the awareness of global warming. The whole Earth Hour thing was to lessen greenhouse gas for a short time.

Now, here in the Philippines since we rely a lot on hydroelectric plants the whole Earth Hour movement will not impact the whole thing with lights. What we must focus on is those damn Jeepneys and a lot of public transportation vehicles that let out way too much Nitrous Oxide. That would significantly lower our greenhouse gas . Again we see a lot of people littering, a lot of vehicles not environmental-friendly and a whole lot of malls (LOL). People are missing the point, the Earth Hour spirit isn’t only because that it is “in” it’s to be aware that our world, no! OUR HOME IS DYING!

I don’t hate the Earth Hour movement, I just wish that people who are participating later aren’t hypocrites. You don’t need a special hour to care for your home you can do it everyday even if it’s really simple. It’s not too late to preserve our home, hope you take this message seriously.

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