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as a reminder


this blog doesn’t have any followers, nor any readers. this is merely my place online to store thoughts. to remind myself who i was, who i was trying to become, until all the realities came crashing down. this is me. this is who i am inside. something i’ve never shown anyone or have ever come […]

I think I’ve stumbled onto some real artistic talent, I believe this is the family I’ve been looking for all my life.  I’ve always been a big dreamer my entire life, I’ve always wanted to make something big and make something incredible. I don’t think I’ve been surrounding myself with people who are legitimately motivated. […]

We all have those ambitions, those dreams we pursue constantly. When I was 8 I dreamt I was going to be a comedian, it was silly and childish yet it was pure. Come 12 years old Areffio, was discovering technology and the full potential of the internet, I became obsessed. I wanted to be able […]

I’ve worked for ad agencies, and have been a part of an in house marketing team. Social Media is a simple way to advertise your brand to the right consumers, cheaper than t.v. commercials and way more effective than radio ads. It gets users engaged with the brands they know and love, it’s a advertiser’s […]

So in an attempt to breakthrough and become a doer instead of waiting for destiny, on a whim I’ve decided to fly out and live in San Francisco. I’d take a shot at about anything. You see, social media has been a passion of mine. I like looking at trends, I like making things according […]

There are 3 types of people in the world. The people who cook their food. The people who eat out. and The people who order take-out. The difference? Easy. One is hardworking, the other is social and the last is lazy. Hardworkers stay at home to make the perfect meal, or if they currently suck […]

Google+ launched early this month. I got my hands on it almost right away, so far all I’ve experienced were all pure awesomeness. I can’t say it will surpass Facebook or Twitter I believe they’re all different platforms. Facebook is more social, you have ALL your friends and you interact through sharing, updates, games and […]