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In a few hours prior to this post Earth Hour will take place in my area. I was an advocate of this to my family a few years ago, right now its just being ridiculous. We have an ongoing energy crisis, electricity, oil, water, practically anything is plaguing the Earth right now. Back then Earth […]

This morning, I wanted to add some nationalism to my blog post. There’s this question in my mind that’s been plaguing me for years, “who are the Filipino?”, how can you genuinely state your heritage? You might think, “Reian you douche, a Filipino is a Filipino, the food, the culture etc.” but no, the thing […]

Natural disasters are a terrible thing, we all know that. Floods, storms, blizzards and fires don’t choose, they don’t care of your race, your education, your social status, or your religion. It’s a given that there are hazards in this world and we have to fight them. We’ve gone to weary with a comfy life […]