Sorry Chile, you’re 2 months too late



Not to be a complete asshole, my sympathies go out to the Chileans that were caught up in the global tragedy.

On to what I’m here for, we are all aware that Chile got hit with a uber mega 8.8 magnitude earthquake. That quake was so powerful that it shifted the earth’s axis and shifted the world’s axis making daylight a microsecond shorter.

But why now? Remember back in February the “We Are The World” Tribute? That thing was to support the devastation in Haiti…since Chile was hit so bad it kinda makes it a little insignificant. I’m not alone on this one. Since people donated heaps lot to Haiti, philanthropists expect a lesser count for Chile (read it here). 2.1 billion us dollars were raised to fund Haiti in their reconstruction, the world dedicated a really special tribute, then Chile gets pwned…massively.

I know it’s not their fault, as Forrest Gump says “Shit Happens” but think of it this way sxephil sums it up perfectly.

You’re walking home from work, you see a homeless person on the side of the road, you feel bad, you give him some money and you give him a sandwich. Almost magically! you feel better about yourself even though you shouldn’t but you feel good. Then you continue down the street where you see an even more broken down homeless person.  Now people either A: don’t have anymore money or B: single handedly saved the world and feel like they don’t have to do it again.

That’s pretty sad. People are practical nowadays too, many don’t have the luxury of being able to help out when we be payin our own bills…


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