Photoshop, my best friend


I draw heaps when I’m bored or when I feel inspirational. Today, being a rainy Thursday I decided to do just that. I like drawing anime characters so I made on out of a manga I am reading, Freezing. Here are pictures taken from an hour in up to the final product of my render, Satellizer El Bridget.

At first when making a render things look weird and clunky. It definitely gets discouraging and it’ll look like crap but after a little hard work and a whole lot of time it’ll look amazing.

After a rough line art of the whole figure, you can start coloring the base.  At this stage you can finally see your picture taking shape. I usually focus on the eyes first because they’re fun to do and they look amazing when they’re done right. But here’s she is 2 hours in.

After I’ve colored everything in I start with her skin tone, you see how detailed the lighting is? Make sure you have and know what your light source is. Mine is on the left side, this will affect how your shadows and toning looks. Trust me that fact I just told is REALLY essential.

After 4-5 hours (including eating, chatting and other stuff) Here’s my near final product I’m still working on the body and maybe adding more intense lines but more or less this is how she’ll look like.


One Response to “Photoshop, my best friend”

  1. 1 aby

    omg! you’re good!

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