the hurt locker


I watched the Hurt Locker after all the hype the Oscars gave it. I was blown the hell away. I got to say it’s the best Iraqi War Based movie I’ve seen so far.

The realism is as accurate as far as I know of, I’m no Ranger nor a real EOD but I really felt the danger, the trauma and the raw emotions Sgt. First Class James, Sgt. Sanborn and Specialist Eldridge felt. War is never pretty, war is never beautiful nor happy, the adrenaline is always present. The wonderful thing about this movie is that its a real thriller, not in a haunting, chainsaw wielding mask murderer chasing a blonde way but a real life type of suspense. You will never know if Bravo Company would live another day of EOD rounds. IED’s are scary even in video games, this isn’t a video game though, these are people’s lives.  While watching this movie I can’t imagine how traumatizing actual rangers face everyday. I’m speechless It’s an awesome thriller/suspense movie, I’ll stop writing here so you guys would watch the damn thing.

Reian out.


2 Responses to “the hurt locker”

  1. I thought this movie was fantastic! It felt like you were right there on the lines with them. The supporting cast was pretty great too!

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