Pacquiao and that punkass Clottey Fight


I woke up hella early trying to get an HD feed of “The Event”, I did and I was watching among the other million boxing fans an expected great fight on a grand stage Cowboys Stadium in Arlington Texas. Pacquiao is the top fighter, Clottey took out and fought beasts we all expected a good fight.

Take note we were suppose to watch the mega fight Pacman vs. Money Mayweather today but due to “issues” we were reduced to Pacman vs. Clottey.

Here’s the facts, Clottey threw 400 so punches while Pacquiao threw 1200. Pacquiao won every single round no knockdowns just pure punching power and numbers.

Here’s my thoughts;

This fight has the stench of Bob Arum all over it, I feel it was fixed. I respected Clottey he fought the greats, Cotto, Margarito, Baldomir and Corrales. He was a beast in the ring never been knocked out, what the hell happened man? Controversial or not Bob Arum happened.

Bob Arum, that name is a trolling my mind ever since the Top Rank/Golden Boy Promotions dispute. It stinks. I’m no pro boxing analyst I’m just a fan with opinions, hear me out. Clottey and Pacquiao are both under Top Rank Promotions, Clottey became Plan B because of the Mayweather disputes.

Both fighters want to go at it right? Who’s stopping them? Arum I believe wants to milk the crap out of Manny Pacman before he goes against Money Why!? Because if Pacman beats Money, he can just sit back and retire since he’s at the top of the boxing world already. What does this have to do with Clottey? Everything, you saw the crowd in attendance and all the people PPV-ing. Clottey is under Top Rank which can means he can easily be manipulated, pay the man and make him lose.

I really believe it was fixed, Cotto wanted to beat Pacman atleast he tried. Clottey was just sitting there guarding. The 400 punches he threw proves the that the fight was really rigged. I was expecting that since February, “If Clottey blocks all night the fight is fixed” I kept telling people that over and over and over again. Boxing is a really shady sport when you look at it, remember that old feud with Don King? They were accused of “manipulating” the whole boxing sport for a long time. Arum is a shady motherfucker, that’s why Mayweather Jr. and Oscar De La Hoya branched out and made their own promotions Mayweather Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions respectively.

To sum up this rage post, It’s too obvious that the fight was rigged. If this keeps up I’ll lose my respect for boxing in general, Clottey lost it after round 12


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