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Google+ launched early this month. I got my hands on it almost right away, so far all I’ve experienced were all pure awesomeness. I can’t say it will surpass Facebook or Twitter I believe they’re all different platforms. Facebook is more social, you have ALL your friends and you interact through sharing, updates, games and […]

So Far Away


Let’s face it, I’m not the most perfect person out there and neither are you. I’ve been through a lot, major downs and some minor ups. I’m the kind of guy that procrastinates till the very end, the kind of guy that ditches his friends to spend time with his girlfriend, I’m not proud of […]

keeping it O.G


Been thinking about starting a new blog for art, design, and professional purposes. Then again that would be boring. The old 15 year old me in this blog is probably crying or drawing. When you look at it, I’ve written some good and some embarrassing things. I’m no poet, I’m no author, I’m a person. […]

I’ve roughly been active as nomad19 on my version of YouTube, Spiked Humor but I do partake in my weekly indulgence of “lulz” and awesome gifs. On a hazy Monday morning I visited my realm of greatness only to find a heartbreaking note from InsayneJayne: Hey Humorists So I got this visitor message on my profile on […]

I’m 20 years old. I grew up with a controller in my hand. Every time I had enough money growing up I’d use it all up on video games. It was a big part of my life. I didn’t grow up a nerd, I’m really social. I grew up loving stories, learning philosophies and jumping […]

Filipinos have that “bandwagon mentality”. We rely mostly on fads to keep us going, we are an advertiser’s gold mine! Just make one Pinoy believe one awesome lie and let the “chismis” do the rest. That’s why we have such a fucked up society. We’d rather watch the “Showbiz Rumor” section of the news than […]

We live in a world of social status, what we do and how we do things can affect what kind of persona we embody. Your hangouts, your transportation, the way you talk, the clothes you were, the manner of your text messages everything affect your social structure. From status to what peer group you belong […]