google+ decreased my twitter activity (a social media post)


Google+ launched early this month. I got my hands on it almost right away, so far all I’ve experienced were all pure awesomeness. I can’t say it will surpass Facebook or Twitter I believe they’re all different platforms. Facebook is more social, you have ALL your friends and you interact through sharing, updates, games and groups. Twitter is more like a gossip machine or that thought in your head you just want to let out. Twitter’s fast and really fun! but unreliable.  This is where Google+ comes in, it’s fast, fun effective. It’s a jack of all trades (for now) it took what we love from Twitter(the publicity) and what we love from Facebook(the privacy, I think) and put it all together.

First, let’s start with Twitter.

  • Twitter is basically a public thought bubble. You share with your followers, they share it, they react to it and so on. You follow people, you do the same thing.
  • When you try to collaborate, it’s insanely hard! Try explaining the next social media marketing campaign in 140 characters or less. Great way to interact but super limited.
  • Twitter’s facts are totally unreliable. Remember what I said of it being a gossip machine? It gives out the wrong info almost half the time. Take the NFL lockout for instance, talks happened earlier tonight.  If you followed it through Twitter, half the people tweeting with #lockout said that it was over, in reality it was only a proposal that didn’t even fall through in the end.

Verdict: Twitter is a social spot for anyone, you can interact with almost everyone, fast but sometimes too fast.


  • Facebook is awesome for its applications, a great way to kill time, an awesome way to share.
  • It’s a great social networking site for friends and family. I even admit that I’ve found lost friends and old family I haven’t talked to in ages.
  • It’s an excellent way to interact with people with chat and discussions for groups. However it can be limited to the person in the group and nothing more.
  • It’s more private, because it has to be a mutual friend confirmation between you and your buddy. And it gets a little awkward when you have family in your list, adding them individually in your privacy list is really a pain.

Verdict: Facebook is definitely the social spot to go to for sharing and keeping in touch with family, But it does get a little awkward when you share EVERYTHING with friends and family. Privacy settings are a pain to use and your interactions are limited to only your friends.

Now, lets move on to why I use Google+ more.

Google+ is not your traditional social networking site. You don’t follow or friend people just because you know them or think they’re cool. You follow them to collaborate. Discussion in Google+ have more depth and have more opinions than all the social sites combined. Public posts can be commented by anyone, anyone can join a group discussion. The brainstorming factor is amazing. I even had cool discussions with technology elites around the net. It’s basically a community. Circles can even control what you share with who, no more “awkward drinking posts your mom saw on Facebook”. I can post my foursquare check-ins with real friends and not worry about anyone hunting me. I can even share this blog post with anyone following me.

Don’t get me all wrong, I’m not bias. Like I said, they work for their own reasons. Facebook has loads of apps, Twitter is really fast in giving info, Google+ is an awesome platform for collaborating. I’m a heavy user of all 3.  But now, since I’m an I.T person looking for a job and wanna get better at it, I use Google+ more.


5 Responses to “google+ decreased my twitter activity (a social media post)”

  1. I don’t agree with your comment “Google+ is not your traditional social networking site. You don’t follow or friend people just because you know them or think they’re cool. You follow them to collaborate.” Isn’t collaborating also part of a social networking site.

    I mean – what is “traditional”?

    • True but in my defense, I’ve had hard time looking for people to collaborate with. People on Google+ even the best of the tech industry has helped me out in some way or the other and these are people I don’t know, with twitter it’s nearly impossible to have longer discussions than 140 characters, with facebook well, facebook tends to post more irrelevant social statuses rather than having a chance to work together. I believe a traditional social network site is basically a better way to keep in touch with your friends, family and colleagues. So, more or less it’s people you know from real life and famous people you follow.

      I say it’s a community because you get to meet new people.

      and thank you for the google+ ID reminder.

      • I agree with you regarding Twitter 140 character limit. I used to think that it was great to keep messages short and to the point, but now that I am using G+ (having never used FB), I’m find Twitter a bit limiting.

        By the way – your blog looks like a good one. I’ll cruise by every now & then to check the latest.

  2. Also – if you are using Google+ now – I highly recommend that you put a G+ link on your blog that links through to your G+ profile.

    Check this video out

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