A wild jejemon appears!


We live in a world of social status, what we do and how we do things can affect what kind of persona we embody. Your hangouts, your transportation, the way you talk, the clothes you were, the manner of your text messages everything affect your social structure. From status to what peer group you belong it’s all decided on your behavior and class.

Let’s put society in a nutshell shall we? Pokeball! please come out here!!

This is a Pokeball, It represents each and every one of us. We were all kids once, we are all humans growing up, our basic appearance look really similar varying from color and race. Like :

See? Same features some just have a different color, some are darker some are gold plated but we came from the same place. We live in the same Pokemon world.

Now that we have the general physical appearance all worked out let’s talk about what really matters the most. What is on the inside, We can tell what group and social status because of it.  Let’s take a look shall we:

This is a Charmander, he’s a fire type hence he belongs to the fire group, he’s cute, he’s naive so he’s one of the younger Pokemon. These are pokemon that grow up to be great because of an awesome education. A young charmander with proper training (education) grow up to become

CHARIZARD (actually I cheated there was supposed to be one more before this)! Winged and fierce a suitable evolution form of a properly trained Charmander. Charizards are usually on top of the corporate ladder.

This is Gengar, he is a douche, since he was small he was bullied in the streets of the ghetto in all its blackness,  because he looks black he’s a Ghost type. He bullies and mugs white people on the streets, currently The US president is a Gengar.

Since I am a Filipino and the title of my post is “A wild jejemon appears” lets go to a pokemon which I feel can best describe a Filipino.


Here’s Pikachu in all of his Asian glory, an electric mouse, cute and really dependable. Pikachu has a language it’s called Pika-Speak (some call it Tagalog) it goes “Pika! Pika! Chuuuu!!~”. Pikachu likes adobo, kare-kare and siomai from siomai house. There are different kinds of Pikachus too with different attacks, smart Pikachus have a college degree while others have tail-whip! Some are really strong! While others have TAIL WHIP! Pikachu likes malls, fine clothing and going abroad to find a much better life. Pikachu has two evolutions, both need a special item (no, not condoms) to make it evolve. Although some Pokemon need to lose their virginity or gain experience like going clubbing to evolve Pikachu needs one or two things.

There are two items that can evolve a Pikachu.

A Thunder Stone

You see A Thunder Stone is Pikachu’s Ticket to success, although there are Pikachus that don’t need it (e.g Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu) there are a lot of Pikachu’s with the use of their Thunder Stones and transcripts were able to get really good jobs and a productive member of society.

You see when a Pikachu is exposed to the greatness of the Thunder Stone the evolution process goes like this:

Pikachu evolves into a Glorious Raichu! Pikachu is now stable as a member of society, working and having a really good life, To workless Raichus don’t worry! There is still HOPE!

The other item that is currently used to evolve a Pikachu is this:

Ahh, The Jeje Cap it is the symbol of corruption of language and weird ass clothing.

When a Pikachu comes in contact with this a corrupt evolution happens. A Pikachu only needs to sit a Jejecap on top of his head for it turn really nasty.

Pikachu turns into Jejechu.

Jejechus are the ghetto version of Raichu, sniffin and smoking all day playing DoTA and sending text messages that really hurt the eyes.

There’s are two distinct differences between Raichu and Jejechu. Raichu goes “RAI! CHUUU!” translation: (Hi old chap how is your afternoon!?) Let’s call this the evolution of Pika-Speak, Rai-Speak! Jejechu has its own speech patterns as well, it goes ,“pIkaAcHU!! pIKkkaAa!! pIii!!” translation: (hI! pFoUwWW!! mUUZztaaHH!?) the devolution of Pika-Speak, Jejetalk. I don’t know why Jejechu does this while it texts or types, I guess it thinks that it is cool and not annoying?

There’s a difference in fashion too, remember Raichu and all it’s orange fur Nike and Lacoste glory!? It’s a sign of dignity and poise. A Jejechu has his Jejecap just sitting on top of his head for some weird ass reason.

Oh, did I mention that Jejechu chose Tail Whip over Agility!?

Stereotyping has always been a fun topic to talk about, hey I make black jokes on facebook all the time so I don’t care who I screw over. All I’m saying is that Sometimes it’s futile and a whole lot of times it is hilarious, I guess if you take Jejemons literally this is what you get. I still support the “Let bygones be bygones” mentality but this is WAY TOO GOOD OF A TOPIC TO PASS UP!

So, to close off my post I would like to say that no matter who you are or what social status you belong to, we are all the same Pokeballs meaning we are all equal. However, I’m an Arcanine while you’re a Bulbasaur…meaning I AM AWESOME.

thanks for reading.


6 Responses to “A wild jejemon appears!”

  1. 1 Jawz

    Or, “Let jejemons be jejemons”. Of course, that correlates with my own definition of a jejechu.

    • 2 reichub

      true, no matter how annoying they sound or look, we still are pretty equal in terms of humanity.
      some people think they corrupt all the good things in life like in friendster or facebook. they turn our place of happiness into “jologsville”. so what? people don’t bash me when i have loads of english posts, or people to bash on others when they go all conyo or somewhat.

      it was funny while it lasted…now, it’s like beating a dead horse.

  2. 3 Uzsaku

    The mastermind of the jejemon mania is the “Arceus of the JejeWorld.” That person’s real identity is unknown.

  3. ubu

  4. mga bwisit kayo no meron na kaya akong nahuling pokemon tapos gagawin nyong jokemon-jejemon

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