SpikedHumor, Goodnight Sweet Prince


I’ve roughly been active as nomad19 on my version of YouTube, Spiked Humor but I do partake in my weekly indulgence of “lulz” and awesome gifs. On a hazy Monday morning I visited my realm of greatness only to find a heartbreaking note from InsayneJayne:

Hey Humorists

So I got this visitor message on my profile on our forums from TigerRenko. In case you guys didn’t know, he was brought in from Crave and is a fellow Admin to this site. (You may remember him as that guy who uploaded tons of video game trailers.)

He was meant to be the ‘middle man’ of sorts – someone who communicated our needs to CraveOnline. Someone who would update us on the goings-on with Spiked’s future. TigerRenko did what he could and I thank him for sticking around for as long as he did . I’ve realize that not only have we Humorists gotten the run around from CraveOnline, but so has he. Hence why he hasn’t been able to that ideal ‘middle man’ so I have no hard feelings towards him.

Well here is that visitor message he left for me to read:


Dear Jayne,

I got mail from top brass, they are going to shoot SH down, close it for good. It was very nice working with you guys, but the fat lady sang…

They will let me know the details, but I’m afraid that it’s final…

kind regards TR

My heart is legit sinking at the moment. There’s a frog in my throat. My hands are shaking a little (but maybe thats because I’m feeling cold…)

Perhaps it’s awfully melodramatic of me to speak like this but I’ve spent 4 years here. Many of you have been loyal members longer than I have. A few of you have been banned like twice and still came back. Bless your hearts.

I became an Admin a year after I registered here thanks to DaVyWaVyBaBy. I STILL HAVE THE PRIVATE MESSAGE IN WHICH HE ASKS ME IF I’M INTERESTED IN BECOMING AN ADMIN FFS. I mean how fucking sad am I? Honestly.

Ramble ramble, chatter chatter, weep weep, etc.

Like that poetic message says, no details have been brought to TigerRenko’s attention. So that means none of us Admin have any idea WHEN Spiked will be shut down.

I hope CraveOnline gives us a fucking DATE or TIME as to when they pull the plug on SpikedHumor.com

I believe we deserve to know without going to our bookmarks/homepages one morning and finding a SITE INVALID page staring us in the face.

I believe we deserve that much. I mean, look at us. We’ve all believed in this ~*run down piece of shit website~*

So right now- hopefully – it’s not REALLY goodbye.

I sincerely love you guys. Even the assholes. Even the despicably asinine and ignorant bastards. Even the members who aren’t Batman fans.


I encourage my fellow Admins to each make a newsblog of their own- so they can personally express their ~*feelings*~ regarding their experiences as Admin, their disappointments in humanity thanks to a few members here and their over all take on this situation.

…cuz gosh knows I’ve talked enough.

So seriously:


Please don’t hold anything back. Make it tl;dr, post images, call out members, admit that I’m a cruel dictator – anything!!!

Spiked Humor is shutting down :(.

You people might think that, “It’s just a site!”, “It’s a run down YouTube wannabe!” But you are all wrong!


Spiked made me the person I am to day, made me aware of the awesomeness of the internet, Introduced me to George Carlin, Louis C.K. 4chan, ScrewAttack, The Angry Video Game Nerd and a whole lot more. It saddens me since these last few years this site has grown on me.

I was able to watch videos in the Cisco Lab of our school because of it, I was able to play Hobo Wars and eventually infect my college buddies with it. No matter how crappy it might have looked and maintained it had a rich community of posters. Some posted hilarious comments, some raged political views, but we all valued one thing; entertainment.

This post is dedicated to you SpikedHumor. Although I haven’t leveled up in a while (mainly is because I forget to log in.) I was saving my points to enter and win the PS3 draw FYI! It was a fun and bumpy ride but, judgement day would eventually come and break us all apart. Thank You!

– From a Loyal Humorist.


9 Responses to “SpikedHumor, Goodnight Sweet Prince”

  1. Well I just have to say this was a long time coming. I got targetted a long time ago. I ripped on the admins so they used the site as their playground to bann me. They even spread lies aboot me hating Purgatory, this blacksmith guy. I never hated him I just ripped on him. Anyway. I hope their personal vendettas were worth killing the site. I’m not sure if that did it, but I sure as hell know it did not help.

  2. 2 Danno

    I remember the old days when SpikedHumor was a fun place to visit. But more and more I noticed unfunny videos being posted by people like atheists who seemed to be trying to take over the site. Their videos were coupled with very hate filled posts toward those who did not really appreciate so many unfunny videos that were killing the fun vibe. I can laugh at myself and my beliefs… but it felt like Spiked was being overrun by these mean spirited ranters. It truly felt like the beginning of the end and I am not surprised at all the Spiked went under. The humor was dying. The hate was rising. When the main page of, say, 20 videos lists between 2 and 4 videos that are sour puss atheist rants then you have yourself a site changing problem going on.

  3. 3 Dreaddog

    I misss Spiked Humor especially the Gifs ;(

  4. 4 NiNKitten46and2

    I was wondering what happened to SpikedHumor. I had been a member for a few years but hadn’t had a chance to login much in the past 6 months. I loved the site, and the forums. Some of the people in the above article were people whom I liked to chat with. I was sad to see when I tried to go there and catch up with all I had missed that the site was no more and had ceased to be. The site was great back when I was a regular and I’m saddened to learn that the trolls took over. In case any of them happen to see this, InsayneJayne, I will miss you my sweet. ♥

  5. 5 Mustakrakish

    Spikedhumor was the first website where I would actually post comments on stuff. And as crazy as it sounds (to someone who doesn’t understand) … I became a better writer, a deeper thinker, and a generally more opinionated person. Before then I had no interest in the comments section of any website.

    Its hard to think back so far because it must have been around 2005 ish?? But I came across SH and someones comment pissed me off to the point that I made an account. Then I remember adding some stuff… some images… other crap that other people found slightly interesting. Something so cool about leveling up and VOTING POWERRRR. It was a little rough around the edges. But it was a good old fashioned content dumpery, and thats what I liked about it.

  6. I’ll miss you spiked.

    Especially on my blog where I enjoyed embedding my uploads 😦

    That’s all I wanted to say. See you all around and thanks for letting me know about the shut-down with this post.

  7. 7 Nny

    Hey NOVA, I remember you. I banned you many times for racism and spam, but you kept making new accounts for quite a while.

    The site would have been fine if it wasn’t a half broken POS. They refused to repair anything on the website. I even posted about it in the News section once that everything was broken or never did anything in the first place (like the report article button).

    Soon after they TigerRenko douche came along and overturned bans left and right of anyone who complained on the forums, I even banned him at one point for doing so dispite the other admins complaints and they had to go in and override it. Took them a week to finally get around to it.

    Then he started adding random noobs as staff and I had enough and quit. Jayne had said she was sick of him and planning on leaving, but it seems she stuck around until the end. Not really a shock I guess. She was on about 20 hours a day. She was nice but somehow I pictured her as a morbidly obese shutin.

  8. 8 Hopps

    I was Hopps on spikedhumor.. Never posted much or anything, but I was always there. You will be missed, and remembered, SpikeHumor.com

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