ohai! he’s going to lose anyway


Filipinos have that “bandwagon mentality”. We rely mostly on fads to keep us going, we are an advertiser’s gold mine! Just make one Pinoy believe one awesome lie and let the “chismis” do the rest. That’s why we have such a fucked up society. We’d rather watch the “Showbiz Rumor” section of the news than the actual news with importance, News stations bash their rivals integrity instead of working together. Although healthy competition can bring out anyone’s A-Game, It’s sad to say that people are drawn into catchy jingles more than actual political prowess. Fads, the bandwagon mentality, a lot of us lack the proper “individualism”. Honestly, with majority of Filipinos with this mentality? WE DON’T DESERVE DEMOCRACY.

My argument:

Democracy according to the dictionary:

government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

Here’s something we can compare Filipino Democracy to.

If by chance we gave two kinds of food to a couple of kids.

Quizno’s Subs

Bursting with flavor, original, you know it’s a low calorie diet. But who cares about a diet you’re a kid in this example remember?

Jollibee Chicken Joy

We all know Jollibee, and its fried commercial goodness right?

What is it like to be a kid? I remember I always wanted to ride in the more colorful Jeepneys growing up and I would want anything the T.V advertises to me.  I believe since T.V is a major part of any Filipino Family and since Quizno’s doesn’t have a commercial here people are most likely to choose Jollibee over Quizno’s. And that’s the problem with today’s youth and voters, they are so drawn into the “Jingles” that candidates make, the commercials they put up and the publicity they have to look at the actual papers and achievements.

He’re an actual conversation my brother had with one of our cousins.

Brother: “Sino iboboto mo!?” (Who are you going to vote for?)

Cousin:”Si Noynoy na panalo jan, siya na iboboto ko para hindi masayang boto ko” (I’ll vote for Noynoy, he’s going to win anyways. I don’t want my vote to go to waste.)

Seriously!? On what basis!? Because of the surveys!? Because of his celebrity sister!? Because Mommy and Daddy died!? Just when did they solidify that Noynoy Aquino would win the 2010 Presidential Elections!? Oh, by the way, that cousin was a college graduate. Things like these really tick me off. What have they been teaching you in school!? THAT MANNY PACQUIAO IS THE NEXT NATIONAL HERO!? This is the reason why I stated earlier that this country does not deserve Democracy.

I wish this kind of mentality would just vanish. I wish people would start understanding the country more, the politicians more, and stop thinking about poverty and think about jobs. I don’t want a president to win just because he has the catchiest jingle and more commercials, I don’t want a president to win just because mommy and daddy died, I want a President with integrity, confidence, and who is able to make a difference even at the slightest level.

I am Reian and I support Dick Gordon.

Oh and P.S no hating I neglected to put other Presidential Candidates on my banner because…well SCREW YOU ITS MY BLOG!


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