So Far Away


Let’s face it, I’m not the most perfect person out there and neither are you. I’ve been through a lot, major downs and some minor ups. I’m the kind of guy that procrastinates till the very end, the kind of guy that ditches his friends to spend time with his girlfriend, I’m not proud of that but I sure am not hiding those facts. I’ve graduated but I still don’t know where my career is taking me, I’m indecisive, naive and sometimes pretentious but I don’t care. When you get to see the ugly inside a person you’d be seeing all of him, every cell.

Those post-graduate dreams you have are definitely achievable but sometimes are not enough. Corporate slave? that doesn’t cut it for me. The words “I want to work” aren’t enough. I’d rather wake up in the morning saying, ” I want to be great”. I’d rather be poor, unemployed and happy than having money, a job and not being motivated. No matter what, since I am super naive I’d rather live out my dreams than climb that social status chain. Reality bites your soul big time.

I don’t want the latest tech, I don’t care if you’re constantly going out and socializing. There’s plenty of time for that when all my dreams come true. I want to be pressured, I want to be challenged and all that culminating to my own greatness.

I am ‘that’ person, the douche, the dreamer, the commoner. I am not as special as a governor’s son, I am not as special as a star athlete. I’m this one person who strives to be better any way he cans. I’m not proud of the mistakes, I’m not proud of my laziness, the only thing I’m good at is keeping this blog up all these years. I want to be amazing, I want that opportunity to help me be amazing. I don’t want to stop dreaming, I don’t want reality to wake me up telling me otherwise.


2 Responses to “So Far Away”

  1. Hey, it’s future you from 2013. I just want to thank you, thank you for standing up for what you believed in, and never giving up. We’re doing well, you moved to the States, you worked for a facebook company, worked for a music company, your new friends are starting a business with you, you’re starting a new job tomorrow. i hope future me would find this post one day and update it. Thanks buddy, i know it’s only been 2 years but these 2 years have been amazing.

  2. Hey bruh, it’s 2015 you. You’ve been through a lot dude. You’re career is on the right path. You’re starting to feel love again, hopefully by the time you update this you have found a nice girl. Your uncle Anthony passed. It took a toll on everybody but we all continue living remember all that he’s taught you he was an amazing dad to you. I wish I can tell you all the answers man. I don’t have them yet. I can tell you this, your last job was the corporate soul sucking job you wanted to avoid. But stay inspired, this new one is hella fun. I want to tell you to not lose hope, keep believing in yourself, keep touching peoples lives, you can you just dont. You deserve to be happy, we all do. I just wish I have the answers I need in life.

    I’m sad as hell man, please fix me. I can’t stop crying on the inside. You try to be there…you try to be strong and independent…but in the end you feel lonely as fuck. let people in your life man…you deserve to be happy.

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