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Natural disasters are a terrible thing, we all know that. Floods, storms, blizzards and fires don’t choose, they don’t care of your race, your education, your social status, or your religion. It’s a given that there are hazards in this world and we have to fight them. We’ve gone to weary with a comfy life […]



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It’s an uber rainy saturday Philippines where you at? You must be at some happening place…wet…stranded…and cold. This feels like that time in Harvest Moon, the typhoon roaring, you feel helpless as some of your crops meet their doom. It’s been raining non-stop since last night, trust me because I know, why? I didn’t sleep. […]



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you ever have that feeling of uneasiness? where you can’t sleep but you want to?you feel light headed but you fight that urge to close your eyes? it’s almost 5 am while im typing this. I have a piano version of BoA’s every heart playing in the background. I think adrenaline is pumping in, you […]

Does anyone remember the video game crash of 1983? It’s that time when there was a massive flood of video games in the market, developers and manufacturers abused the rising industry and over populated it with games and consoles. Publishing control was so overwhelmed that numerous bad and poor quality titles were then released everywhere. […]

Try walking around for the day, walk to crowded areas like malls, train stations, lunch areas, the gym, anywhere. Now, stop and look at each and every single one of those people. Don’t stare, its not polite just look. If you are anything like a human being you’d be filled with opinions about those people. […]