my thoughts on ondoy, please read


Natural disasters are a terrible thing, we all know that. Floods, storms, blizzards and fires don’t choose, they don’t care of your race, your education, your social status, or your religion. It’s a given that there are hazards in this world and we have to fight them. We’ve gone to weary with a comfy life that we’ve forgot the basics of living; survival. I’m not choosing sides that “sinners deserve what happened” or that other guy from PEX that said “kasi tapon ng tapon kayo ng basura kung saan saan.” and even that chick that stated “a de-selecting of individuals; only the fit should survive” (here’s the link). Enough of that, no name calling no blaming, no one deserved this, no one is free from anything either.

August 2005,Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and made a massive flood, ruining an entire metropolis. September 2006 Typhoon Xangsane (Milenyo) and Typhoon Durian (Reming) hit the Philippines with destructive wind power and continuous rains. After taking a direct hit from Milenyo, parts of Manila were in ruins. There’s a reason why storms are getting stronger and the floods are getting bigger. When you think about it; Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) was not that powerful in terms of rainfall and wind speed, Milenyo and Reming were category 4 storms Katrina was a category 5, Ondoy was merely a category 2 storm. Why would a weak storm like that cause such a massive flood? Think about the 3 past storms I’ve stated and how constantly year by year it gets stronger or has more water. There are so many changes in our climate, way too much if I do say so myself. Rainfall wasn’t totally bad this weekend the problem is that dams released water and broke into the metro, which couldn’t be helped. It’s not about the drainage either, although water came down it can’t stop too much water; overflow is bound to happen. Yes, trash everywhere could be a problem and so much lack of self discipline can make small rainfall into a flooding street but water was too overwhelming even for the best drainage system there are debris from floods too. The only difference that throwing away garbage at the proper locations can make is how fast the water can subside. The message I’m trying to portray that our world is deteriorating. If you watched Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” you’d realize this is a possibility. The sad truth is that it is only going to get worse. We need to step up and try to do our parts.

Captain Planet, if you grew up in the 90’s had really pure intentions when it came to preserving our world, other than the AIDS episode, that was just wrong. The PSA’s that the G.I JOE make after every episode isn’t only for safety but for environmental purposes too. We saw this happening yet we, as inhabitants of our home were too ignorant to realize the mess we’ve made. A house if not properly maintained turns weak and ugly, a car without proper tune ups turns into junk, a body without proper nutrition is malnourished or obese, the same goes for the Earth. We cared too much about our comfort, our blogs, our buidings, our electronics to care for our trees, waters, mountains and animals. I know I’m at fault too doing so little, when I can do so much. No one is to blame, no one is at fault, there is still time to change the way we all live, being alot simpler than anyone is good in the long run. The camaraderie people have shown these past days are astonishing no social status involved, no one rich nor poor, people have dedicated their lives to rebuild what others have lost. It’s really ironic that a tragedy is the only thing that can bring a nation together. For it may be a death of a president or a massive catastrophe. I just wish that this thinking would still be within us after a month or two have past, don’t do this because your friends wanted to, don’t help out because it is required in school, you’re not a bad person if you don’t help out no one is to judge you for that as long as you are being true it is fine. I just wish that helping others won’t be a fashion statement but something from the heart. My name is Reian, and these are my thoughts.


One Response to “my thoughts on ondoy, please read”

  1. 1 Niña

    Ondoy was a wake up call for all of us. we would really stay as ignorant as before if nothing miserable happened. Pero at least naman diba na we could see fortunate people helping out.. it feels good. pero most important thing is that we learned something.. we have to make ligaw to mother nature nalang ulit!

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