stereotypes are everywhere lol


Try walking around for the day, walk to crowded areas like malls, train stations, lunch areas, the gym, anywhere. Now, stop and look at each and every single one of those people. Don’t stare, its not polite just look. If you are anything like a human being you’d be filled with opinions about those people. That chick over there looks hot! WTF!? that’s her boyfriend!? Dude! cool shirt! That guy with the neon green pants and pink top looks like a total douche. I don’t know if its normal to other people but I certainly do it. It’s human instinct! It’s human to criticize. I suppose that’s why we have stereotypes.

Yeah stereotyping is a touchy subject, but we as people, strive to find a place we “fit in”. If you’re into technology obviously you get along well with techies. You love to play DotA hence you love hanging out with people who also play DoTA. You’re a car fanatic so the most logical thing to do is join those auto clubs. You care way too much about your grades henceforth you are currently lacking any social life whatsoever. Stereotyping is like a wolf looking for the right pack, you know where you belong the moment you see them. It’s really funny, ok to further prove my point. Think of your most trusted peers, You’ve thought of your “tropa”, “barkada” right? Think of what you guys love doing together. Some may like to perform dance numbers, others might just chill at a fave resto, guys might play basketball or any sport on a weekly basis, you may have drinking sessions, play the same game, read the same book, debate on the same side and even purchase the same meal, odds are you all share a common interest. Why do you like these individuals? Because of your interests, because you belong with them, because of stereotyping.

It’s normal to stereotype people according to the social status quo, even High School Musical explored that topic. That’s been done over and over and over again jocks hang out with other jocks, some emotastic people just stay emo, musicians rock out with band members. I want to brush up on a different approach. ONLINE stereotyping. It’s still a really small list but it might make you smile a bit. It may be wrong, it may contain offensive things but you know what!? That’s why its a good list.

Reian’s personal “the type of people you see online list”:

  • Bloggers – Let’s start this list off right. Bloggers are people who like to write about anything, you share your thoughts, photos, some emo diary entry, you web log! These people are often informative like sharing some tips, some analysis, others upload cheats or exam leakage and some are just freakin’ emo. These are a cool, collected and pretty generic type of net user.

  • Anons – Anonymous are one. You know how retarded Internet humor is right? Now it may sound like something a retarded 14 year old write or post, but the internet is for people who like to act like retarded 14 year olds. Hence 4chan, the birthplace of everything “LULZY” on the web. Memes are spawned here, terrorists are born here and hate is its very foundation. Go against the lulz and they go after you…


  • Pirates – These people are online or not but one thing is so freaking sure, they have a torrent or something abusing the FTP constantly on. You know them, “damn this movie is awesome! can’t wait to see it!”, “I know I downloaded it two days ago.”.

Lets dig deeper into the social thought pattern

Facebook, is really incredibly popular at the moment, heck, even my mom wants to “friend” me on it. There are alot of different people on it too! You can see them daily on your news feed.

  • Facebookemon Trainers – You know those people who want to “catch em’ all”? Those who have 1000+ friends most of them they don’t really know. Yup, those people.
  • Facebookemon – Those people who are added for a +1 friend count value, you don’t know them in real life, you just add them up.
  • Satus Whores – There’s a status whore in all of us. We love updating our status messages, like, “I just came from the can, man I took a huge ass shit!!” or , “FML I lost my phone”, especially couples, “I miss your hugs dearie”. Spewing those constantly, It’s amusing at the same time its annoying.
  • Tag-a-rooonies – Say you had some time to kill so you ended up opening your facebook, you see this notification that you’ve been tagged by this one person in his note. Your boredom takes over and you start getting irritated because the note spewed nonsense and now you feel pissed or amused (your choice).
  • Tony Montanas – Those who constantly play Mafia Wars…nothing but Mafia Wars on their wall.
  • Fahmaaahs – Farmville, Barn Buddy, if these games were real our economies would be so up.
  • “them” – Those people who migrated from friendster, you know them. Those who write with a mix of upper case and lower case letters “pA aDd f0H nG fS ” (some guy told me about this, Jo) according to sources they stay in chat rooms adding people up, some socio pathic people who have no breeding. You know, the squatters of the net.

Tweeting is something to tackle too, but that’s a given almost everybody tweets one way or another right? No flaming or spamming, If you have any opinions on what I’ve written just give me a comment, it’ll help my next posts. Thanks for reading!


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