the (insert name here) seal of quality


Does anyone remember the video game crash of 1983? It’s that time when there was a massive flood of video games in the market, developers and manufacturers abused the rising industry and over populated it with games and consoles. Publishing control was so overwhelmed that numerous bad and poor quality titles were then released everywhere. Due to this incident numerous game companies were forced into bankruptcy. Two years later, a small Japanese company called Nintendo released our to be childhood gem the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) a.k.a Famicom in North America revitalizing the gaming industry. Nintendo had this standard system called “The Nintendo Seal of Quality” meaning that all games that are released had to be tested and approved by Nintendo , keeping out crappy games from the market, and no one to exploit the industry once again.
Standards, a word defined
“something considered by an authority or by general consent as a basis of comparison; an approved model”. Something that keeps the quality of the world. You may not notice it but the abundance of standards in this world is astonishing. Let’s say you want to eat somewhere new, a friend suggests a restaurant not known. You go to a place that looks shabby and not appealing, but you eat there anyways and found the food really good. Normally, you wouldn’t eat at a place like that but what made you eat there now? Your friend, you trusted your friend not because of your bond, because you are on par with his standards. When he says the food is great then it must be. Schools have standards to follow, the passing grade of 70% They have to uphold the quality of their students. Students need to bare the name of their alma mater so they have to live up to the standards of their school.

We have standards ourselves, from the friends we choose to the clothes we wear. Here’s an example of personal standards, remember your first love? Remember that first time you felt that feeling of love with someone and since that was your first you can’t help but compare other girls (or guys) you’ve met after that relationship. It’s exactly like that; comparison to something you’ve grown accustomed to. The kind of standards you have shows what kind of person you are. Simple people go with simple quality clothes and food while high class individuals tend to go with big named fashion and cuisine. Eventually, these things make up who we are inside. It’s like asking me what girl I like or what music I listen to. It is our own choice and we live by our own boundaries, you can tell alot about a person with what he chooses. I chose to be an agnostic individual, I love subs but I eat at Jolly Jeeps too, I work out 3-4 times a week at this gym, I love reading manga by… and I like this author’s books for the knowledge, you see choices are based on the standards we have. We don’t have to follow trends like stuff with 3 stars and a sun, yellow shirts or red and black dogtags. We can branch out to become our own individuals, just like what we’ve been doing since the start right?

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