Well, things are slow at the moment. I choose to just chill for most of the days, practicing programming, hopefully doing small jobs and some art work for cash. I don’t go out THAT much at the mo, I stay relaxed, reading and doing some productive stuff. Although, I do get drunk once or thrice a week that’s nothing new. I finally took the liberty of upgrading my phone, had my motorola v3i like for eternity now, I’m on a nokia e75 now, and the twitter and facebook updates are freaking mobile now haha.

Was gonna sell my car, for some cash since I rarely use it now. But parents told me just get a new one, might find a nice SUV or pick-up that suits my tastes, since I’ve been driving the pick up most of the time and not my car.

DJ’s friend is selling their computer shop, I was trying to convince my friends that we should get it, the place is big like a two story house with alot of space. The downstairs a computer shop while the upstairs is a potential hangout. I dunno, plans are still up in the air, not sure if I’ll pull through with it at all but, it’s nice to think of something future related.


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