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I’m 20 years old. I grew up with a controller in my hand. Every time I had enough money growing up I’d use it all up on video games. It was a big part of my life. I didn’t grow up a nerd, I’m really social. I grew up loving stories, learning philosophies and jumping […]

MY RANT: *deep breath, CAPS LOCK ON!* Seriously Philippines!? WHY!? WHY THE FUCK!? It come’s to show you that this country DOES NOT DESERVE DEMOCRACY. I support Gordon, I would also like Gibo to lead this country. Then I see Noynoy Aquino on top with a landslide lead and Joseph Estrada in second!? How incompetent […]

Now, I’ve been a Mayweather fan since, who knows when. I like Floyd Sr., I like watching Roger’s glory fights, I’m always stoked to see Floyd Jr. fight. He has what most boxers only dream of, championship pedigree. This is nowhere going to be a biased post, I respect Shane Mosley I think he’s a […]