Now, I’ve been a Mayweather fan since, who knows when. I like Floyd Sr., I like watching Roger’s glory fights, I’m always stoked to see Floyd Jr. fight. He has what most boxers only dream of, championship pedigree.

This is nowhere going to be a biased post, I respect Shane Mosley I think he’s a great fighter. Early on we saw Floyd as he always was, being the Floyd we all know. A minute into the 2nd, Sugar Shane landed a fierce right resulting into a near knockdown, people were all chanting , “MOSLEY!! MOSLEY!!”. That was the highlight of the night. Shane tried to follow up, Floyd was too quick. That was the biggest mistake of the night.

The rest of the fight, in my opinion was a showcase of a different version of Money Mayweather. He was throwing more punches than usual. Floyd adapted to Shane’s style, Shane couldn’t. He was getting frustrated, he was talking shots, lots of shots, Shane was losing his cool, not following the gameplan Nazim Richardson played out for him.

He started to avoid the punches. He did surprise me. Once I tried to get my timing back, I couldn’t adjust and he did. I am happy I took the fight. He is a true champion. Now you will see him and Manny, if Manny takes the blood test.- Shane Mosley

The rest of the rounds belonged to Mayweather, Mosley can’t hit. It was too lopsided, it was too boring. Mosley has really fast hands he doesn’t jab as much but he has fast hands, It don’t mean anything if it doesn’t hit though.


Mosley, like Clottey was the fallback plan because of the Mayweather / Pacquiao drug test dispute. Although I have total respect for Shane Mosley for having nothing to hide by taking the test and trying to take on the world’s greatest, he failed to deliver the fight of the century.

This is why Mayweather/Pacquiao needs to happen. It’s been proven that Olympic style testing works and is trying to clean up the sport. I’m not hating on Pacquiao, hell if there is ONE person, ONE person that could blemish Money’s record I want it to be Manny Pacquiao.

As a boxing fan, PACQUIAO IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE TAKE THE DAMN TESTS. For all I care you don’t want the public to discover that you’ve been sniffing Sampaguita. I watched the 24/7 HBO special, the drug tests are pretty grueling, getting urine samples when you’re not supposed to eat and drink at all but to clean up the sport of boxing it is a sacrifice they are willing to make. I tip my hat to Shane Mosley for taking the tests, I congratulate Floyd Mayweather Jr. for the excellent win.



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