The Last Harrah an election 2010 post



*deep breath, CAPS LOCK ON!*

Seriously Philippines!? WHY!? WHY THE FUCK!? It come’s to show you that this country DOES NOT DESERVE DEMOCRACY.

I support Gordon, I would also like Gibo to lead this country. Then I see Noynoy Aquino on top with a landslide lead and Joseph Estrada in second!? How incompetent can you people get!? Someone who has done nothing for the country, famous parents, and a platform to get rid of poverty and corruption? WINNING!?  Good grief! Even Christ Himself can’t get rid of poverty nor corruption when he sacrificed Himself!

This comes to show you that Filipinos are rather dense, all you need is a sister in showbiz, a dad who was shot and a mom that did nothing but PRAY for a striving country and you have a winning combination. Hey, I’m not hating on the dude I’m sure Noynoy has some good qualities in him hidden in his retarded shell, I’m not convinced that a man who decided to run because his mom died of cancer is the right choice.

On Election:

Vote buying and stupid voting is rampant. It’s a trademark of this generation of Filipinos. Government Officials are composed of 20% former celebrities, and MY GOD THAT IS A FUCKING LOT! A pretty face, some film cred is now the prerequisite when running for city councilor or senate, hell even president. The election process I have no right to talk about since I didn’t want to waste my fucking time and I can’t legitimately vote . But In my humble opinion, the system works, it’s just the human factors that hindered it nearly useless. So, I tip my hat off to those who tried automating the elections. Kudos.

My Proposition and Non Rage thoughts:
Here’s my proposition, here me out. We tax payers are the people who should benefit the most, our money is fueling the country after all. We get screwed over just because the people who don’t pay tax want a President that would give everyone free homes or food or ERAP EVEN!? I THINK NOT!

Votes should have a tax value system. People who don’t pay a centavo to the state should just have one vote each. People who pay in the hundreds should have at least two, people who pay in the thousands five votes and so on and so forth. People’s votes are determined on how valuable you are to the state. We work our asses off and the government doesn’t care. We are the citizens that you want, not the poor, not the homeless. I believe that we can take care of the poor once this issue is settled. They don’t know what they want, people in poverty are like really hungry wolves, they want food right now no matter how spoiled it is nor how bad it is to your health. While the working class are like hunting wolves, hunting to find fresh meat, cunning and knowledgeable in tracking. So, give the poor some free food, they’ll vote, give the working class some free food they’ll tell you that it tastes funky.

I hope this message gets out.

Thanks for reading.


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