League Lockouts: a fan’s perspective


We are all aware that the NFL has hid underground after the Superbowl declaring a lockout in March. And now, a new league has declared it less than a month after its Finals. The NBA has recently declared a lockout for the 2011-2012 season. Sucks for us fans right now huh?

What is a lockout? For all you people that don’t know, A lockout occurs when an employer refuses to let its employees work. It’s caused to stop employee bitching (strikes) or imminent work stoppage.

Carrying on, we all know the NFL’s story for the lockout. There’s a shitload of money approximately more tha $9 billion that needs to be split up. Owners and players don’t know how to split that up, they have a problem of making too much money. The NBA on the other hand has a different problem, over half of the teams are losing money.  Major teams/markets are reeling in all the cash when other teams are struggling to keep afloat.

It’s mind boggling to see that two of sports most prominent leagues are in this dilemma where one doesn’t know what to do with its money while the other is trying to find ways to make a profit.

Money is probably just the icing on a ginormous crap cake, but let’s be real money moves practically everything. The NFL season is starting in 2 months, pre-season is hurting. They’re even prepared to drop games if needed. The NBA season is still roughly 4 months away things look rather dim. We’ll definitely get our football season that’s for sure.

The NBA is trying to keep teams alive, trying to figure out a way to get the numbers up. As a fan this is a bold move, I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s necessary. They don’t have as such a die hard fan base like the most terrible NFL team.

In wild analogy here’s the NBA lockout simplified, Cleveland has a star, Miami has a star and Toronto has a star. Those stars have their own fan base and revenue. Now, Cleveland’s star and Toronto’s star joined Miami giving them 3 times the revenue. Cleveland and Toronto without a star loses a chunk of their earnings.

But who am I really? I’m just a fan after all.


2 Responses to “League Lockouts: a fan’s perspective”

  1. 1 MzNita

    I think that the fans should boycott the 2012 season if the owners do not end the lockout. It is not fair for them to try and change the contracts or totally have things go there way. They don’t play the game and they don’t sustain the injuries that the players encounter. What Miami did was a great business decision and the other teams and owners have the same opportunity to diversify or monopolize to the best of their ability. This generates revenue and gives players a winning chance. Its not the players fault that some owners aren’t really spending the capital to acquire the best players. There is a lot they can do to gain revenue, like giveways or any other marketing tools. Give back and create energy and interest in the teams!!!

    • I definitely agree with your points, however we are in a down economy with that in mind sports are the least of our worries. I mean who would support a team that wins 9 games a season? It’s too far away to actually see if it’s season affecting or not, I say let it sizzle for a bit. Most possible solution is that some players give part of their annual salary, but I highly doubt that would happen.

      You do have good points there.

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