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Kobe Bryant Team: Los Angeles Lakers Code name: Lex Luthor The buzz: So skilled but also playoff-tested, he knows how to beat any opponent. His championship run last season shows he can direct a team. Tim Duncan Team: San Antonio Spurs Code name: Brainiac The buzz: He has two league MVP awards and four NBA […]

Have you ever experienced getting dumped for the weirdest reasons? As a guy, yeah! getting dumped because she felt I was intimidating was my experience. Ryuuichi Otowa had an opposite experience, he was dumped by a girl who only liked strong guys. In his defense he decides to learn Karate. Shallow? totally, funny yes!  Shonen […]

lets keep the humming to a minimum shall we? i write about the elections

i was bored at work so i did this YAY!! FOR PRODUCTIVITY!!

that’s why…


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