So simple yet so catchy…


You people  must have heard it, over and over and over again. Constantly playing whenever there’s a T.V or radio you hear it. It’s that tune that you cannot escape, your mind tells you, “NO! I shall not be enslaved by your evil campaign spell!” but you subconsciously hum the jingle all day during your commute, during class, and start singing it in the shower.

Ladies and gents, Filipinos of all ages, welcome to the campaign period for the 2010 elections.

No matter how cool it sounds to bash on the elections I’d like to focus on one thing. Let me start you off with one line, “Nakaligo ka na ba sa dagat na may basura?”.  It’s the most retarded thing ever yet the most effective campaign strategy, brainwash nah, I’m kidding but with a few minor tweaks you can call it that.

If Obama had You Tube, Burnout Paradise (practically the whole damn internet) the Filipino presidential candidates have a different  strategy. Forget your plans, your morals and your virtue! Let’s just litter the airwaves with catchy theme songs, over the top commercial and exploit the words, education, poverty and prosperity. I’m sad to announce that I support the Charter Change, I believe that Filipinos cannot run a democratic nation. It’s a lot simple than you think the uneducated outweigh the educated approximately 3:1 now, instead of analyzing which candidate’s plan benefits the nation in the long run the terms of winning any government position boils down to a mere popularity contest.

Don’t misunderstand me though, you might say that people attend and watch public forums and that is a given, there are people who are aware of their candidates but, how are you sure that all of them are as aware as the others? Not a lot of people don’t know what democracy really means, with that people with more popularity than others end up winning positions they don’t really deserve. An actor winning Presidency is retarded, not to mention that another actor tried running and almost won six years later. With little knowledge people who are higher in the pyramid start exploiting the ignorance of the people who are under them offering them short promises of free rice, food and a temporary job. Where candidates who focus on industrializing, education and metro plans are left in the curb.

Vote for people who aim for long term plans, those people whose platform still lingers after the next two Presidents are in office. Don’t get too drawn into the candidate just because the jingle is catchy, it’s the same as this example.

Do you still see people dance this?

thought so.

enjoy the weekend guys! ^_^


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