Manga Spotlight: Full Contact


karate yeah!!

Have you ever experienced getting dumped for the weirdest reasons? As a guy, yeah! getting dumped because she felt I was intimidating was my experience. Ryuuichi Otowa had an opposite experience, he was dumped by a girl who only liked strong guys. In his defense he decides to learn Karate. Shallow? totally, funny yes!  Shonen manga at its finest, well the normal school kind of shonen manga.

The story is about searching for power, why do you want to be strong? What do you want to protect? Karate is deeper than you think, it’s more than kicks and punches. Its a way of life and a philosophy of life.

The Journey of Otowa-kun is a rough one, its no longer a journey of getting strong just for your crush but a journey of self discovery.

Full Contact: January’s Manga Spotlight


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