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Life has alot of ironies I can give you that. A lover may leave you because you loved too much or you can get fired at  work because you’re too good at it, you start living life once you learn that death is closing in. Ikigami is all about ironies, the good and the bad. […]

The Bengals are one of my favorites this season, not just because I love watching Ochocinco do his thing but because they’ve been rebounding from last year’s 4-11-1 record. Now, they’re up there on top of the AFC north, fighting for that playoff spot. It’s been phenomenal so far, Carson Palmer’s doing his thing, Mike […]

It’s from Itunes watch it there Iron Man 2

the clash of 09′

I just had to share this…pics pretty much sum up the year from obama to ondoy and all the other things that happened world wide…take a look at 2009 guys! 2009 in photos (part 1 of 3) – The Big Picture –

Here’s something I found in the house, somewhere in the deepest darkest depths of our…Living Room closet. What happened to you!? What kind of abomination have you BECOME!? at one point I think I saw it move. I actually don’t know where it came from but I think its something Dad brought back from a […]