microblogging duel


Microblogging is the defining trend for 2009.  I tweet constantly with Twitter, I have tweetdeck installed in my laptop for ease and a twitter app on my phone so I can tweet anywhere, friends can see where I’m at and people can help me out when I need it. It’s starting to be the next big thing since text messaging. Facebook’s status updates is another form of microblogging but Facebook is a giant social networking site, so that’s already a given.

Plurk is another microblogging site that “rivals” Twitter as some say. It’s cute that Peace Love Unity Respect and Karma has been the concept of “Plurking” and with the implemented time line and karma system it’s really fun to use. Same concept of a 140 character limit, acting as a balance for social networks and blogs. I actually see more people using Plurk on my Facebook news feed than Twitter, makes sense since I did mention that it was fun to use.

Here’s how they compare in unique visitors as of …now

Plurk is focused on creating a comfortable chat-able environment, user friendly and available in tons of languages, On the other hand Twitter is an instant delivery boy for information world wide. As Twitter grows over time, businesses use viral media for marketing and users tune into the latest celebrity scandal. Not to mention the apps for phones, the tie-ups with Facebook and Google it’s obvious that Twitter is the best choice.

But hold on, don’t count Plurk out quite yet! Plurk has succeeded where Twitter has troubles, they are the number one microblogging service in South East Asia. But how can that be!? They have attention to detail, their interface is offered in 33 language while Twitter is available in five. They offered services to the little people, the guys from some European countries and the people who don’t use that much English in Asia. Yes, Twitter is dominant in English speaking countries, like Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines, but Plurk finds success in places where English isn’t necessary like Taiwan and Indonesia. Read Plurk article here.

Both offer so much but for me, as a Twitter user, you know what I’ll choose.:)


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