Manga Spotlight: Mysterious Girlfriend X


Here’s a nice little manga that needs more acclaim. If you’re into school life, hot mysterious girls and panty scissors then you need to get this manga. Oh, I forgot to mention, A bond so tempting you have to taste it yourself.

Story revolves around Akira Tsubaki and a new student Mikoto Urabe, Tsubaki is this typical guy, dreaming of a girl he likes, active in everyday guy stuff while Urabe is this girl that sleeps alot in class, anti-social and really mysterious.

One day Tsubaki got held up after class and decided to grab his bag and go home, when he got to the classroom he saw a sleeping Urabe drooling all over the desk, to his weird perverted mind he decided to taste Urabe’s drool. And thus a weird/sweet tale of Love and High School commences. It’s a definite read. It’s totally unique in a sweet perverted way though.

It’s unique in a way that after Tsubaki tasted her drool, he became love sick LITERALLY. Now, he needs a daily dose of her drool to keep him healthy. Seems a bit needy but hey! Love can make you do weird stuff all the time. One thing that struck me alot was the character of Urabe, she’s weird and hot at the same time. She can manipulate the taste of her drool just by doing perverted things like not wearing any undies to school and writing stuff on her chest. She also has this panty scissor ability where she has pin point accuracy and lightning fast reflexes with the scissors she can cut stuff up in an instant.

It’s still ongoing and its on my manga to read list. Check it out, I fell in love with it. I didn’t taste it though.


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