Manga Spotlight: Ikigami



Life has alot of ironies I can give you that. A lover may leave you because you loved too much or you can get fired at  work because you’re too good at it, you start living life once you learn that death is closing in. Ikigami is all about ironies, the good and the bad.

I learned about this manga from an admin at thanks mscupcakes!

A dystopian Japan marks the implementation of a “National Prosperity Law” where  a random citizen between 18-24 is selected to die for the good of the nation. How do they die? It’s not anything brutal by far, in elementary school students are required to have vaccinations, in one of every 1000 vaccines a nano capsule is mixed in. This capsule is programmed to rupture an artery in the heart at a specific date and time, thus making death look like cardiac arrest. 24 hours before the set time and date, Kengo Fujimoto a government employee is sent out to deliver an Ikigami (advance notice of death) to notify the citizen of his death.

I know it’s a fairly old series and it just finished serialization last September but it drew me in. I’m one person to take life for granted, friends, school and even work at times. Reading stories about life is inspirational and emotional, I’m here being all healthy and slacking off when there are people out there wishing for another opportunity to see a rising sun. This story makes you think of a question such as, “What if…out of the blue I learned that I was dying tomorrow at 2 p.m? What will I do?” the story revolves around questions, stories and reactions like that. I want to live my last day in revenge, I want to live my last day with a loved one, I want to achieve my goals, it’s your last chance for anything so give it your best! I was completely saddened by this manga, but a large part of me became truly hopeful. Death is not a dark path to walk on although your time has come, it doesn’t mean that memories of you will ever disappear. Find something to live for and make that all count. The Ikigami in many ways as the story progressed showed a notice of life rather than death, people were making dreams come true and helping people out before they passed, realizing what was important and who was there for them. But guys, remember to live your lives everyday, you don’t need a notice of death for you to realize what is important in life right? Thanks for reading this week’s spotlight.


2 Responses to “Manga Spotlight: Ikigami”

  1. 1 ladyserenity92

    Such a pyscologal and disturbing manga about living the last day of your life to the fullest. I’ll find anyway I can to read this seires.

    • It’s a good read no matter how disturbing it sounds, It’s like the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” on drugs. I’m sure sites like has it if it’s not available in your area.

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