It’s a sad sad day for football


The Bengals are one of my favorites this season, not just because I love watching Ochocinco do his thing but because they’ve been rebounding from last year’s 4-11-1 record. Now, they’re up there on top of the AFC north, fighting for that playoff spot. It’s been phenomenal so far, Carson Palmer’s doing his thing, Mike Zimmerman’s defense is top notch, Cedric Benson and rookie Bernard Scott are just annihilating the running game, Chad Ochocinco, Lavernius Coles and the other WR’s are catching crucial passes on 3rd downs. However, there has been a great tragedy today in the football world.

Bengals WR

He was on Injured Reserve but he played phenomenally, with a ghetto charisma on the field but a calm professional off.

Chris “Slim” Henry Bengals

WR #15 has died today. Here’s the story on ESPN

I don’t really know the guy but I really enjoy watching him play. It’s sad to see a young player die, especially one that turned his life around and played his heart out. Rest In Peace #15.

Who Dey! Who Dey! Bengals! Go get them Chargers this sunday.


2 Responses to “It’s a sad sad day for football”

  1. this is the nice site to get good source of football sports.

  2. 2 jules

    this is a sad day for football indeed…first mcnair now chris henry…damnit 09′

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