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Easter Sunday is upon us. For some people it’s a day for Church and whatnot. I remember a Breakfast Buffet and some egg hunting. Gotta love those plastic eggs filled with candy and whatnot. It’s like a Halloween but looking all prim and proper. But seriously, I’m too lazy to go scavenging on old photo […]

From this to this epic? or out of place?

when bored


haven’t made any digital art for a while so cheers!

We offer the freshness and awesomness you require another remnant of my awesome drunken hide and seek days.

Alcohol, is what I call my friend. It’s like the glue that binds us popsicle sticks together during arts and crafts.  But alcohol is what fuels everything that is fun and right with the world. Makes complete sense? No!? I’m here to fix all that. [anytime] [alcohol] guide to [anywhere] 5. Alcohol is that one […]