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Easter Sunday is upon us. For some people it’s a day for Church and whatnot. I remember a Breakfast Buffet and some egg hunting. Gotta love those plastic eggs filled with candy and whatnot. It’s like a Halloween but looking all prim and proper. But seriously, I’m too lazy to go scavenging on old photo […]

From this to this epic? or out of place?

when bored


haven’t made any digital art for a while so cheers!

We offer the freshness and awesomness you require another remnant of my awesome drunken hide and seek days.

Alcohol, is what I call my friend. It’s like the glue that binds us popsicle sticks together during arts and crafts. ┬áBut alcohol is what fuels everything that is fun and right with the world. Makes complete sense? No!? I’m here to fix all that. [anytime] [alcohol] guide to [anywhere] 5. Alcohol is that one […]