5 reasons to drink everyday


Alcohol, is what I call my friend. It’s like the glue that binds us popsicle sticks together during arts and crafts.  But alcohol is what fuels everything that is fun and right with the world. Makes complete sense? No!? I’m here to fix all that.

[anytime] [alcohol] guide to [anywhere]

5. Alcohol is that one thing each of you have in common, seriously

Sometimes, a group of people are totally polar opposites. One dude might like Duke while the other dude hates Duke. Dude 1 likes playing WoW while dude 2 plays CoD. Why would I hangout with those guys!? One solution to that is…you guessed it! ALCOHOL! Don’t know the guys in your group well enough!? ALCOHOL! You’ll be best friends in a matter of minutes!

Why bother trying to have the same interests when you all have the universal ice breaker!

4. A daily dose of Alcohol improves your tolerance

Healthy people work out everyday to build stamina, muscle, lose weight etc. Drunk guys do the same with alcohol. Acoholic lightweights are useless during parties but if they start drinking on a regular basis, the transform from a pathetic wuss into a knight of the gods fighting for justice and football.

To support my theory, I’m going to use a very credible source. In fact this game has won a Parent’s Guide Choice Award because it was so good. I’m going to quote Harvest Moon 64’s strategy guide from IGN:

Head to the town square for a rip-roarin’ alcohol throwdown. Literally everyone you talk to gives you a nip of something, so make sure your alcohol tolerance is up to snuff. To practice for the festival, make sure you get the bottle from the Harvest Festival and visit the winery often. Otherwise, the liquor at the inn should do nicely. If your alcohol tolerance is no good, you’ll end up passing out and having to be carried home. If not, you will be seen as a total drinking god.

3. For Health

Insomniac? Can’t sleep? Forget all those drugs over the top or not. ALCOHOL has the same effect! Alcohol has a sedating effect in it. Just don’t drink it right before sleeping though. (I dunno the article was tl;dr).

I had a grandfather that lowered his heart rate and heart disease risk with 1-3 glasses of whiskey a day, he was mega healthy until an cancer hit him so, it’s really good for the heart. Here’s a good read.

2. Inner Peace

Doctors heal the body while Bartenders heal the soul.

Face it we are all sometimes batshit crazy inside and comes to show you that even when you look healthy on the outside your spirit is pretty restless underneath. Sometimes we’re all so stuck up inside that the only way we can get all those clogged up pieces of emotion out is when we start drinking alcohol. Whether it’s getting fired from work, a break up or just curing anxiety, a soothing drink can calm the restless soul. Alcohol works all his wonders.

1. Celebrate life

Everyone wants to live life to the fullest. So it’s time to celebrate life! Celebrate the victory of being alive for the day! Make sure you enjoy everything piece by piece. Celebrate the good times, the achievements, friends and family! We all just need to break away from it all bit by bit. Think of it as the gold star at the end of a horrendous hell week.

With that trail of thought I end this post with


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