flying and codes


So in an attempt to breakthrough and become a doer instead of waiting for destiny, on a whim I’ve decided to fly out and live in San Francisco. I’d take a shot at about anything. You see, social media has been a passion of mine. I like looking at trends, I like making things according to those trends, I like to develop but my development has decreased lately. Sure I read constantly about PHP , Android, APIs, etc. non stop but I think that’s nowhere near what I can accomplish with practical hands on and pressure.

Free will is what does this, I read fast, I learn really quick since that’s what I’m best at. I adapt. But given a chance of happy hour or coding? You all know what you’ll choose. Pressure is my motivation. If I can’t do it I’ll sacrifice sleep and find a way to do it. There’s a difference between wanting something and being obligated to do it. This is what school taught me. I can’t start my business, not like this. When I’m alone I lack the discipline I need.

People keep asking me “why are you leaving?” I answer to be better. Right now, I feel the Philippines is my comfort zone. Loads of friends, government contacts, you feel special and try to strive less because you feel comfy. I’ll look into a job somewhere I’m slightly familiar with and start hacking away at an opportunity to grow. I know I’m okay myself, but I can be amazing with people around me. I’ll be great when I’m experienced, but I’ll be the best with falls.

I guess I only write these for self motivation, and I like to share these thoughts to you.


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