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I’m helping out at the plant. so about damn time i built up  my portfolio and started doing more stuff….well here ya go clean leaf….my attempt on making you web-known clean leaf site Advertisements

Alot of things happening lately, poker nights and massive fights, being all fit and slugging it out with the best. You be designing the best life scheme and try to experience greatness. ok weight update….started the week at 205….now it be ending 189….big improvement…eat a little workout hard…i dunno if i be measuring my body […] rank dropped down massively lately, actually I haven’t peaked at least a 200 since the ondoy posts…why? Simple, been working on my I.T skills and…working out massively, I try to hit the gym everyday, I’m back in shape as I was earlier this year before the major “party mode” kicked in. So here’s the […]

i was bored here are my new sigs and avi for some forum avatar sig

Filipino Time


November is a time for holiday-themed houses, holiday movies, Undas, Bonifacio Day, and Christmas shopping however, not many people know that November is actually a special month. On October 8, 2008 Gloria Macapagal Arroyo issued Proclamation No. 1638, declaring that November as the National Consciousness Month for Punctuality and Civility as advised by the Organized […]