Proud to be Pinoy


There’s a movement going on about being proud Filipinos. I’m leaning towards that movement. Why? Here’s why.

I’m not hating on the essence of Filipino Pride in general, but we’re being proud for all the wrong reasons. Being proud of your nationality is showing how better we are than other countries, other cultures. Filipino pride is when we show pride in our government, in our ability to not ask for help during calamities, showing how our camaraderie is all we need.

A nation’s pride can’t be harnessed by a single person’s achievement alone. Manny Pacquiao will get better and richer, he trains and works hard for it; while you will stay the same, same desk job, same routine, same commute. Charice Pempengco will get better and even more famous, but she didn’t get famous because she was Filipino, she got lucky that someone like Oprah Winfrey acknowledged her talents. Filipinos who excel abroad could care less, they don’t know how it is to live here, they don’t know the struggles average Filipinos have, sure they have Filipino blood in their veins but other than that, there’s nothing else.

I believe the greatest step to Filipino Pride was our parent’s ability to rise up against a person they considered a tyrant. A peaceful revolution. Good and bad points.

Good: we came together as a country, we all synced and believed a common goal.

Bad: nothing good came afterwards, we were in debt, the poor became poorer, the rich became richer.

I want to proud of a country that can go against any odds. Like Japan, they were able to rebuild after World War II and they progressed better than the west. Even when they were struck by that terrible earthquake and tsunami in March, they were able to rise up. They didn’t ask for help, they did it as a country.

Us on the other hand were running after trucks, acting selfishly, not as a country but as individuals. Considering that our disaster was not as severe as theirs. We didn’t help because we loved our countrymen, we did it because it was “in” it was “cool”, otherwise; disaster or not, we’ll be helping each other.

I want to be proud of a country that can deliver progress. Take Singapore for instance, they used to be as bad as us, in the bottom of the 3rd world pool. In a matter of decades, with endless progress turned into a high class country.

The trick is to keep the “great minds” in the country, performing, advancing. Our country is so messed up that the “Filipino Dream” is to get out of the Philippines. Our economy is fueled primarily with OFWs sending money over. Our “great minds” would rather work for a different country than their own.  Progress for the Philippines is nothing more than a pipe dream. Such a shame too, we produce so many gifted individuals.

I wan’t to be proud of a country that fights corruption and longs for equality. Just because you’re rich and your family’s rich doesn’t mean that you and your brothers can run for office. Just because your mom was an ex-president you still don’t have the right to win the election. Rich stay in power, while potential leaders are left to rot. This is the endless spiral of Philippine politics, no wonder the poor stay poor face it, these so-called officials have no idea how it is to live in the ghetto. How can you fight corruption when even enforcers are corrupt as well? Straight road my ass.

In the end, individual achievements do not count as national pride. I don’t care if you wear a Team Manila Rizal shirt, that’s just insulting his memory. National pride, is accepting that we are or can be superior to any other country. We don’t have to leave the country for a better life, we can get through any kind of ordeal, because we are Filipino.

However, that is not the case. We still have much to learn, as a culture, society, and a country. My name is Reian, and I’m not proud to be a Filipino.


2 Responses to “Proud to be Pinoy”

  1. 1 Kalibowrath

    Wow! What an enlighting post! This is indeed true and I share the same sentiment. I hate pinoys saying the phrase “Proud to be pinoy”, it has no true meaning at all and to an extent shameful!
    Filipinos need to grow up and realize the deeper sense of having a national pride.
    Thanks, I will share this 😉

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