Seems that a lot of people don’t want change


Running for office is a big responsibility. We need leaders who care for the community. Leaders that have a strong presence and a good heart. We need captains, chairpersons and kagawads in our barangays that can make a difference, people who fight against poverty, people who fight for the community. We keep saying we want “CHANGE!”, we want our lives to improve, we want to get out of the funk we are living in and be a better Philippines.

Last time I checked, a lot of people don’t want change.

I’m not bitter or anything, I’m down. I see people who need medical attention, people who lack the money to buy 3 meals a day, yet these are the same people who vote for incumbents. These people bitch and whine about not having the rights they need yet, they let people buy their votes, block voting. I’m sorry, you people are stupid. You exchanged long term jobs, education and health care for a measly 200-400 php!? You choose to live in the same cesspool year after year after year, now it’s your choice, your time to make a difference and you choose to vote because of money. The thing is with vote buyers is that they gave you want you want in the beginning, this won’t stop them from swindling you during the majority of their term….YOUR LOSS ASSHOLES.

In my opinion I feel that the barangay is the most corrupt community cluster ever. Sure there are good people in office too but as far as I know, this is in 3/10 barangays.

People take a piss on democracy and put their greed in front. Buying votes? That’s ridiculous.

This is the end of my rant. Go flame me as you please


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