Secret Base


Out of all the bands I’ve listened to all of my life, one made a major impact on me growing up. No, it’s not Blink 182, Staind or Linkin Park, it’s a band I’ve discovered much later in my teen years. 2007 was when I discovered The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, around episode 12 there was this concert episode about a band called “ENOZ”, I read the forums that this was to pay tribute to a certain j-rock/j-pop girl group that was at the peak of its career but disbanded in 2005, ZONE. I leave the rest to history.

I never took any Japanese lessons and honestly, I can only make a rough translation of words I’ve learned from watching anime all those years. But that’s the beauty with their melodies and songs, they bridge the language barrier that you feel the message of every song portrayed, just by listening and watching the PVs. I always get flash backs of my fondest memories while listening to ~Secret Base~ I start missing friends, and people I hold dear in my heart. I remember my routes when I listen to Glory Colors, I won’t give up on the dreams I’ve planned myself….

I was late 2 years to experience the band at its peak, 2 years and yet they still captivated a fan through their music. They disbanded for positive reasons, Mizuho the drummer wanted to pursue her studies, Miyu, Maiko and Tomoka couldn’t see themselves being ZONE without Mizuho therefore decided to disband. They were a flower that was cut during its prime, 6 years of captivating hearts all over the world. Thank you for your music…

I leave with you the music video to Secret Base and Glory Colors (translation in links).

Secret Base ~ Kimi ga Kureta mono (君がくれたもの ~ Secret Base)

Glory Colors – Kaze no Tobira (風のトビラ ~ Glory Colors)
“The Wind’s Door”

thanks for reading, this will truly be my secret base…from reality…


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