the sporadic rolex


Life can have its major ups and downs. Life can be forgiving and unfair, Life can have its rewards and have its shit. Well, life in general is infact a state of growth.

That’s the beauty of it though, life is a sporadic mess of tragedy and euphoria. There was once a boy who constantly indulged himself with video games and anime, a kid whom thought of a life making or designing his passion. Then ended up thinking of all the cynical things, provocative issues, having this urge to at least try and save the world the crazy idealism of being young being at such a tender, tender age and time. Ah time, no matter how cliche’ it may sound the only constant thing in this world is time. It’s always there, changing second by second, our heart is pumping and aging every nanosecond we live. The beauty of life is through time and age, the fear and ugliness of life are through time and age aswell.

Time could be crucial, time could be wasteful, time could be short, time could be eager approximately any kind of word could be associated with time, banana time, train time, sexual tendency time, time for me to throw up. You see? Like or not Time is an anagram of Life. If anyone bothered to read this and asked themselves, “What the hell are you talking about you douche!?” give me the next paragraph to explain myself. You see, it’s more simple than it seems. Remember that bunny from Alice in Wonderland? The one that says ,”I’m late! I’m late! for a very important date!”. He’s right you know, everyday someone must feel like that, someone must’ve woken up later than the usual and went to work or school fearing to be tardy. Remember your quiz in a major subject? The one with the “time limit”? Or remember that time you wanted to switch up your processor because this one was faster and could do more in less “time”. I could fill up this blog post with nothing but those kind of analogies. So, what does this have to do with anything? Everything.

We basically all live under an ultimatum, we don’t have a clue when our timer stops ticking unless, you have something like this.

Well, as dumb as it may seem. We are constantly living and that doesn’t last forever. I don’t want to waste my time anymore, I took time for granted, like what I did to my thesis mates I procrastinated beyong stupidity, I held back a friend for nothing it was just because I was being relatively super lazy. I did my best to make up for it when we hurriedly finished it for graduation. Thank you Jho, Kevs for forgiving me, and to Mic and Ray thanks for all the help. I don’t want to be that kind of person no more, nor be someone like my dad who wanted more money yet forgot that we, his kids grew up already. I don’t know how long I have on this earth. But I still want to help change it, even if just sharing my thoughts with all of you I may come to achieve this absurd task, I’m truly grateful.


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  1. 1 Anonymous

    nice, well written. keep it up!

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