poverty pushstart button and others


It’s most likely that you’d call me blasphemous by stating facts I’ve learned from watching George Carlin stand-ups. I don’t blame you, living in a country where religion is everything I just managed to think out of the box.

Maybe I am totally wrong with my points but you can contradict to my statements however you want and I’ll listen too.

Most Filipinos say that they are in poverty, actually you know who to blame for this? religion! people tend to pray more and indulge themselves in all the false hope that a savior will come down and give them the life they deserve. Its like teaching people to pray more than to work with all your capabilities. That’s why people tend to move out of this country since the belief of an invisible man is pulling them back. The church is in serious shit I tell you. Complaining about every possible thing.
Due to people living in slums and uneducated people can’t make a decent living, alot of females are resulted to sell pleasure to thrill seekers. This i don’t get and i agree with george carlin with this one, why is prostitution illegal? Isn’t giving a guy an orgasm a less problem than killing him? It’s legal to give away for free and illegal to sell? wait a minute hold on, what if you walk into a store and just grab anything you want and walk out without paying, isn’t that illegal?…you guys might think I’m evil and that’s ok, a blog’s a blog man i can write anything here.

I always thought that religion made us weak. Anyone remember that Filipino bastard who almost got his head chopped off? That’s a prime example of our country’s weakness. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one” unfortunately our president doesn’t think that and decided to pull out our troops, douchebag. Besides that moron wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place! what kind of idiot decides to go to work in a place that’s being bombed? EPIC FAIL!

i’ll add more when i feel like it…


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