it took me quite a while to think up a new topic to write about…my thoughts have been clouded lately…there are ups and downs…laughter and tears….oh, and a long commute home…

when you think about society it’s always been divided yes? the rich, the poor, the middle, the inner filling…you’re either one or the other…the so-called “status symbol” everyone looks at….you wear this brand you buy there, you eat here, drink coffee there…it’s what everyone looks at…it’s pretty pathetic to judge people for what they wear, where they eat or what they have…just remember the immortal saying, ” dont judge a book by it’s cover”…

society’s pretty messed up nowadays…families are divided into localities, it’s either you’re in the urban city “barangay” or in a high security “subdivision”…that doesn’t stop there… in the barangays you’re either legit or in the “squatters area”….
kids are classified into “educated” or “not educated”….
schools are classified into “public” or “private”….
and believe me it goes on…

actually…i didn’t intend to write about “society” as a whole in this post…i’ll write about that later on…
i spend lots of time at my school lately during my break i realized something….

it has come to my thought that there are a bunch of classifications of students…not just in MIT but in any school…
i’ll give out all i can for now…
here i go :

*the scholars – yeah they’re the perfect start…smart kids that pay less tuition because of their scholastic achievement…rock on scholars!!

*the nerds – ok ok these type of people have no social life whatsoever…they know one topic and one topic alone….school…they’re the type of guys that’ll correct your every mistake…answer your every question…
-nerds have 2 classifications in my books :
a. smart-ass – they’ll correct you alright…they’ll make you look like an idiot too….
b. nice – self explanatory….

*the jocks – ahh they ever-so-loving sports heroes of the school…the varsity players…i dunno but it seems like if you’re a player for your varsity team…it’s kinda like an elite title…

side note: i dunno why stereotypically, jocks are the dumb sports buffs that think they’re kings or the pretty boy heart throb that are always shown in teen movies….modern jocks (at least the ones i know) arent really like that…

*the snobs – self explanatory…mostly made up of girls…the group who *think* that they are the prettiest among the bunch…

*the plastics – hehe a relative of the “snob species” well this group composes of people that think they’re hot but in reality they wont admit it…people that are full of lies that they’ve lost their true identity within them…(i could’ve just put this in the “snobs” section but i want to make this post longer hehe) just watch mean girls i guess…(i havent hehe)

*the student council – the government within one campus…you get the idea….

*the dancers – you guessed it…they dance…

*the journalists – cant have a school paper without em….

*the actors – do i even have to type!?

*the singers – ….guess what they do….

*lovers – yeah those who go to school not only for the fine education but for love aswell hehe

*the techies – ahh the techies….the computer guys, the people you run to when your pc acts funny…guys that have mp3 players and laptops *looks in the mirror*…nuff of these guys…hehe

*gamers – every school has gotta have a large population of gamers…guys that can talk for hours on end about final fantasy or tekken…you a name a game…they know em…

*otakus – haha there are also alot of anime junkies out there…anime…anime….anime…w00t!! people who live and breathe anime :D…

*book worms – people who escape reality by book…:D

*class clowns – guys that love making the class laugh…at any occassion….ANY!!!

*perverts – they are real….unfortunately…

*class dunce – slow learners…..SLOW!! hehe harsh…

*lazy bastards – they love doing work…NOT!

*stereotypes – ….you know what they are…

*bullies – the lowest of all animals….those pathetic wretched big boned morons….

no matter how much you think of it we are what we are …see which class you are in…( no biggie you can be in whatever class you wish… an otaku/gamer/lover or an scholar/gamer)
hehe that’s all i can think up right now….if you want me to add some stuff feel free to comment or uhmm tag…:D


2 Responses to “divisions”

  1. 1 Anonymous

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  2. 2 Tricia

    ^^ Nice entry! This is SO true! I know peeps of every clazz!! 😛

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